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  • Welcome Pool Covering

    Specialists in the construction and coating of swimming pools with unique character.


  • Piscinas de arena

    Las piscinas de arena son adaptables a cualquier espacio y terreno que tenga las mínimas dimensiones..


  • Reformas integrales  de piscinas.

    Planificación y estudio requieren las reformas de piscinas y Pool Coverings pone todos sus conocimientos a su servicio..


Construcción y Revestimientos Piscinas

Concrete Pools

Construction Concrete Pools

Pool built with reinforced concrete vessel without joints with total tightness and with coating to choose between Arena pool, pool with Diamond Brite, or pool with Gresite among other options ..

Construction of complete concrete pools


Pools Coverings Sand Pool Coverings, sale and application to construction professionals who have orders from their clients and wish to have the support of a company specialized in the project that engineers, architects, builders, reformers, decorators or final customers are doing.

Construction Concrete Pools