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Frequently asked questions about the application of Quartz Sand coatings

Yes. Our technicians will take into account the dimensions of your plot area to fit your design perfectly. Remember that in the design you have to leave the appropriate width on the sides so that the coronation has the appropriate width and the solarium area is comfortable and wide (it will be made with quartz sand as the entrance to a beach). Also keep in mind that we can make the cladding with various colors, both in the solarium, ramp, crowning area and the glass, these will add elegance to your exclusive pool and you can also create different depths throughout the pool.

Quartz sand is great for creating your pool. It reliably simulates an authentic beach, yes, with the color that you choose within the shades that we will present. In addition, sand quartz responds wonderfully to the waterproofing of the pool, it is durable, unalterable, pleasant to walk on and non-slip par excellence in dry and wet.

All can be lined with quartz sand. But, before answering forcefully, we must be clear that the Sand Pools need to have space so that the entrance ramp is not excessively inclined and is comfortable, in addition to taking into account the solarium area that will also be created with quartz sand. For all this we will have to study if the size of the pool will be adequate to create a small oasis in the shape of an exotic and natural beach, even so, the lining of your pool (in the glass and in the coronation) can be spectacular no matter what size that you have, we can also create or cover the stairs.

Especially pressurized water since the protector used to finish the coating is easy to clean and maintain. Our products are unalterable with the use and passage of time. It requires maintenance just like any other material used to manufacture the pool.

Of course yes, in this way it is much more similar to a beach where the floral decoration will be reflected in its crystal clear waters.

In the Sand Pools, the same chlorination systems that are used in other types of swimming pools can be used. Remember that it is an unalterable material. On the other hand, the filters are also the same as those used in another purification system.

With the creation of each sand pool we can make different decorations depending on what the client requests. Theming of pools that will include vegetation, rocks, caves, waterfalls, water jets, LED lighting, slides, spa elements, children’s area, etc. Everything necessary so that the recreation of the environment is faithful to each theme.

When we create an Arena pool, we also create an environment where the client will have a daytime and nighttime leisure area. It is not necessary to cover it as it will form part of the landscape, pleasing the eye in moments of relaxation. It should be purified daily to keep the water at optimal levels of purity.

When a pool is created from ground level and with a ramp with a few degrees of downward incline and knowing that the material is fully non-slip, it means that safety for children, the elderly and the disabled is assured. The Sand Pools are the excellence of safety.

The proportions of the pool will be taken into account: basin area and solarium area to cover the pool, between 3 / 4mm thick. We work with the exact proportions and provide them to the client with the necessary components for the primer, resins, quartz and sealing. Our products are specially prepared in resistance, hardness, waterproofing and with UVA treatment, in this way the components of the dough are not altered.
With the sale of our products we provide clients with the protocol to follow so that the application is appropriate. Our quartz are specially prepared so that the result is as expected. We don’t just limit ourselves to selling. If you need our help, we can advise you at all times once you have made the purchase of the material.

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