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We build and renovate swimming pools and apply sand coverings for Oasis Pool and Beaches.

We are “Pool Coverings” a company dedicated to the construction of swimming pools. We specialize in making all types of pool coverings, whether for hotel complexes, sports facilities, water parks, as well as swimming pools for neighboring or single-family communities.

The most important thing when building a sand pool is durability. Our products and materials are tested to achieve high levels of quality and guarantee.

We create spaces designed for enjoyment, where we can be in total harmony with the environment, color, lighting and security.

Budget Sand Pools

Ask us for the price for the construction of the Sand Pool. According to your space and idea we advise you.

Woman at beach pool in Maldives

All types of pools with luxury pool concepts, sand pools, Diamond Brite coatings, continuous Quartz coatings for pool and spa finishes

Sale of Diamond Brite continuous coating application in Hotel Pools, Spas and Theme Parks. The high strength and properties allow money savings in the long run with very comfortable and elegant finishes, with professional applications. Consult these and other advantages make the difference of Diamond Brite with respect to other continuous Quartz coatings for swimming pool finishes.

Products range: Diamond Brite, River Rok, Durazzo and One-Step Spray Deck.

It is a mixture of stone based on quartz dust, fortified cement plus 3mm polymers, which make it an attractive and durable solution in hotel complexes, public, private pools or sports centers.