Within the world of luxury pools, sand pools are considered the most enigmatic, practical and versatile.

In Pool covering we make exclusive pool designs that enhance the area where they are located. Our projects are based on the diversity of swimming pools that can recreate any type of natural beach in the world and condition them with the decorative elements you request. This wonderful trend has superior qualities: safety, design and decoration.

The light in the design of the sand pools plays an important role.

During the day, the sun shines in the play of lights that it recreates on the surface of the pool and the luminosity of the sand embellishes each line drawn with consideration. You will enjoy a sparkling space, full of color, of refined lines and conditioned to your particular and original style. During the night you can feel that your sand pool becomes a spa, which treated with the right lights, will be the ideal complement to be attracted by this corner that will accentuate your quality of life in your relaxing moments.

The sand pools are a luxury in modernity and adaptability.

Currently, the sand pools are the most contemporary allowing them to be carried out under the creative formula of the exclusive designs that involve: adaptation to the chosen space, depth depending on the dimensions and finally the shape of the pool; that can recreate any type of drawing previously analyzed, but especially with rounded lines that give rise to the creation of an oasis at the foot of the waters with the inclusion of waterfalls, rocks, plants, trees and decorative motifs; In short, different landscape motifs related to the client’s style.

The sand pools remain unchanged during their lifetime.

Although in its construction the main element is the sand, it does not emit any dirt during its use, let us give the example of the NO scattering of the grains of sand, since the formula for its creation makes it become compact and maintain the original design by the insured time, approximately 10 years. Nothing is as pleasant as the soft touch of its edges that also do not heat up with the sun and also do not slip what gives it a character of full security for all; and they are not built with stairs, only a gentle slope is made that will indicate the different levels of depth.