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Planning and study require pool renovations and Pool Coverings puts all your knowledge at your service. Swimming pool reforms require special planning and take a stipulated time provided that they are in operation in a hotel or hotel complex so that the reform is as short as possible and, above all, plan it on dates of low guest traffic


The integral reform or construction of a Pool is an opportunity to plan and make all possible improvements, from the new coating, colors, lighting among other actions such as machine and perimeter decoration to create a perfectly integrated environment.

Choosing the right coating for the pool depends on the taste of each client and adequate advice.
In the market there are several coatings and all have advantages and disadvantages or price differences that can tip the balance for another, in any case the ideal is to know them and then decide each one what you see more according to your needs.

Safety is an issue to always consider in swimming pools to ensure that users do not suffer accidents. Reviewing all pool parameters and complying with current regulations is essential.

This is a question that we can ask ourselves if we are not sure about it, it will depend on the personal touch you want to give, more sober zone, chillout area, Ibizan area or oasis type as well as the area where the pool is.

The prices for the construction of the pool depend on many factors, the pool company that carries it out and materials used to build the pool.

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Sand Pools hotel

Sand Pools hotel – Construction of Sand Pools with luxury environments imitation Beach type.


Designs with the most current trends in modern design pools according to the idea of ​​each client.


Construction of oasis sand pools with different types of sand and curing for hotel or residential.


Revestimiento piscinas “Diamond Brite”  con agregados selectos de cuarzo, fortificado con Cemento Portland Blanco.


When choosing the final finish coating of your pool glass, there are different types that you can put.



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