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  • Welcome Pool Covering

    Specialists in the construction and coating of swimming pools with unique character.


  • Piscinas de arena

    Las piscinas de arena son adaptables a cualquier espacio y terreno que tenga las mínimas dimensiones..


  • Reformas integrales  de piscinas.

    Planificación y estudio requieren las reformas de piscinas y Pool Coverings pone todos sus conocimientos a su servicio..


Construcción y Revestimientos Piscinas

Products of recognized prestige that increase the quality of the construction of the pools, spas, fountains and spas wellness area).

Poolcovering rightly creates your pool, and for this we use a range of products that fit the different parameters that you as a customer needs, and these are also selected for the durability and safety of the spaces.

In Pool coverings we offer the possibility of selling, to the builders any of the modalities of products chosen, or to include in addition to the sale, the application by our company.

We show below the range of products that we have for sale and with which we work in the creation of new wellness spaces: