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Quartz Sand Liners

We offer you a wide variety of options for pool lining.

Products of recognized prestige that increase the quality of the construction of swimming pools, spas, fountains and wellness areas.
Pool covering wisely creates your pool, and for this we use a range of products that adjusts to the different parameters that you as a customer need, and also these are selected for the durability and safety of the spaces.

At Pool coverings we offer the possibility of selling any of the chosen product modalities to the builders, or including, in addition to the sale, the application by our company.

We show below the range of products that we have for sale and with which we work in the creation of new wellness spaces:

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The perfect liner for high-quality finishes in your pool. We prepare your budget for the integral construction of the pool, reform or just sand quartz cladding.

The advantages are undoubted visually creating idyllic spaces with all the safety of a non-slip surface, all the decorative elements integrated.

Diamond Brite, continuous flooring for quartz pools.

Diamond Brilliance


Diamond Brite Brilliance It is an industrial finish that contains a mixture of quartz and modified stones to give a different and shiny look to your pool, spa or spa.

This unique combination is ideal for new or existing surfaces submerged in water.

Diamond Brilliance finishes are mixtures of select quartz pieces (pebble aggregates), and SGM’s proprietary polymer modified Portland cement. This unique combination is ideal for submerged surfaces, newly built pools, in gunite, shotcrete and concrete pools, spas, sports centers and theme parks. Ceramic and / or glass bead coated aggregate offers a variety of colors and textures. We have a variety of aggregate shades and sizes available to accommodate any design requirement. Diamond Brilliance finishes are factory mixed to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional white pool liners.



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