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Sand Quartz Pool Coatings

Continuous coatings, created to give the sensation that the pools are materialized in a single piece and without joints.

High quality and durable pool liners

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Construction of work pool

Pools Coverings, Piscinas de Arena

In Pool Covering, continuous coatings are created with differentiated and specific materials in swimming pools. We can show you a list of the most used and versatile materials for the new work or reform of the pool.

The prices of pool liners can vary depending on their quality and durability.

We carry out various lining of swimming pools in the Canary Islands with sand-type finishes, continuous pavement for Diamond quartz pools, Brite, tile pools, mosaics, porcelain stoneware.

Swimming pool construction and coatings company

Pool liner

Decidir entre uno u otro depende del cliente y su presupuesto. A menor precio antes tendrá que renovar o reparar. No es lo mismo un revestimiento para piscinas que dure entre 5 a 6 años que otro que nos dure entre 12 a 15 años. Tendremos que analizar precio del producto, mano de obra de la aplicación ý tiempo que dejamos de utilizar la instalación para valorar los costes y ver al final cual nos sale más caro.

We give you several options for comprehensive pool lining, from sand quartz in various colors to Diamond Brite.

Piscinas de Arena de Cuarzo


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