Sand Pools

The sand pools are adaptable to any space and land that has the minimum dimensions

In Pool Coverings we know how to adapt the sand pool you need in the chosen area. It can have a diversity of shapes, depth and dimensions, being able to enjoy an ideal design and a space prepared for its construction.


The sand pools are safe

The sand pools that we design and build are very safe and easy to clean. At the culmination of its manufacture we leave the sand compact, soft to the touch and 100 x 100 non-slip both when its edges are dry and wet. Its temperature to the touch, in hours of a lot of sun, never reaches a level that produces burns on the feet or on the body, so that people who enjoy it can walk calmly and even lay their body on the curved edges, thus feeling a Nice feeling similar to being by the seashore.


Sand pools, no stairs

One of the most complicated moments is usually the entry and exit of the pool, since usually the traditional swimming pools have stairs which makes it difficult for children, the elderly and disabled people to move. In the pools of sand the great revolution is that to enter you only have to walk down a very small inclination, this helps all the groups that need this security to enjoy a good bath.


Sandy beach with palm trees, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensla

Sand Pools a luxury at your fingertips.


When you create a sand pool you can also create a whole world of fun for everyone and give life to the environment you want. Thematic ideas as well as chill out area, children’s area, area for adults with bar, add decorative elements such as stones, vases, boats, etc. The sand pools match to design countless models and each one with the elements that the client wants.